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Pump Clips

All of our pump clips are individually hand crafted and our quality for workmanship is second to none.
We are constantly striving to improve cost and timescale's and can offer extremely competitive origination charges.
After viewing a pdf of your pump clip image we can offer various suggestions to achieve the require effect depending on cost and customer preference.
We also offer 3D enameled for further information on the Products we offer and Brand Development
please Contact Us.

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Chalk Board Pump clips also available:

Printed with essential Brewery Information with added chalk board section. Chalk board enables the bar to add information about season or one off ales. The material takes all chalks or chalk pens and can be wiped down to use again and again.

The chalk board area can be any size to fit your design, and your brewery information can be either listed on the board or as a border. We can assist with your design should you need advice.