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High quality packaging and filling equipment for liquids, pastes and purees in the wine, food and general industrial sectors.Bags are available in a range of capacities from 2 litres up to 1000 litres and are manufactured from a variety of materials depending on the end use. Typically the bag will be manufactured from two different films sealed together:
  • One being an oxygen, chemical or aroma barrier film.
  • With the second being a non-barrier PE film.
Together, both films supply the necessary mechanical properties to enable the product to be transported safely to its destination in the bag-in-box system.

A wide range of spouts, caps and taps is also available, dependent upon the final application.

We also manufactures filling equipment and can supply a complete packaging system. The complete system incorporates carton erecting equipment, bag filling and closing equipment, carton closing, handle insertion and palletisation equipment.