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Foiled Labels | Hot and Cold Foil Labels

Hot foil and cold foil labels

Hot or cold foiling adds a luxurious metallic look to labels and is increasingly seen on toiletry, healthcare, wine and spirit product labelling. Both foiling techniques can be produced at Humber Print.

Depending on your specific needs and requirements we are able to offer both Hot Foil Blocking and Cold Foil Transfer techniques in various combinations with our state-of-the-art printing presses.


Whether it is a standard label or a bespoke design, we can produce a range of sizes in various materials and colours. We can print from artwork supplied or we can produce the design for you in our in-house studio.


With quick turn around times and our usual quality and attention to detail - we can guarantee a perfect result every time.


Contact one of our expert team for a detailed quotation and see how we can provide you with the perfect solution to your labelling needs.